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Best Tattoo Beds: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

How does a tattoo table differ from a tattoo chair?

We don’t think it needs any further explanation. In terms of constructions, both are very distinguishable.

A chair is more compact and allows us to sit upright. Meanwhile, a bed is something that we can lie upon.

So, which one is the right addition to your tattoo shop?

Just for the record, the word ‘tattoo chair’ is used loosely. Some people refer to the best tattoo beds as chairs.

During your search, you will come across products marketed as chairs, but they resemble beds more since they can lie totally flat.

Hence, you should choose in accordance to the needs. If you want to provide maximum comfort, then it’s a good idea to buy a tattoo bed because it’s more versatile than a chair.

With a bed, you can recline the backrest to let the client lie on his back during the tattoo session. Some chairs do have this feature, but the backrests can’t be reclined way too far down.

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Best Tattoo Beds

1. Black Electric Tattoo Massage Facial Table Bed Chair Barber Beauty Spa Salon Equipment

There are a few advantages of buying this tattoo bed. Firstly, it comes with removable arms. Armrests can limit a client’s movement. If you think they’re unnecessary, you can dismount them easily. No tools are required to disassemble them.

The padding measures 4 inches in thickness, which hits right in the middle. It neither feels too thick nor too thin. There are a few adjustable parts on this bed. You can start with the headrest. Extend it out to support taller clients.

It also has a pillow on it that can be removed to expose the face cradle. This is useful when you want him to lie down on the bed. The backrest and legrests also come with a reclining mechanism. You can adjust them to your needs.

Another thing we find special is the quiet movement. There is no loud cranking noise you’ll hear while adjusting each part of this bed. In other words, it can change shape smoothly. It also has a digital control pad for easy operation.

2. TMS 73″ Adjustable Tattoo Massage Bed Facial Beauty Barber Chair w/Hydraulic Stool

You can probably tell the specs of this tattoo bed just by looking it at it. The fabric that covers the whole thing is synthetic leather and the metal all over the frame is steel. This is a pretty common combination for tattoo beds these days.

By the way, this bed is not only functional for tattoo shops. You can also use it in other businesses, like beauty salons, barbershops, clinics, etc. The construction is like a lot of other tattoo beds from the tilted backrest to the welded base.

The design is foldable, ensuring easy storage. It’s also made of high quality steel that offers great durability. If you’re looking for a bed with a good amount of adjustability and strength, this can be an option.

How much weight can this product handle? The maximum capacity is 500lbs, good enough if you ask.

3. 3 Fold Portable Tattoo Facial Bed Beauty Salon Massage Table Chair w/Free Carrying Case (BLUE)

One of the most striking features of this bed is the blue color. It looks vibrant unlike the typical black on most tattoo beds. The leather not only has good quality, but is also easy to clean.

Just so you know, some parts are removable, including the armrests and face pillow. There are also adjustable parts, like the legrests and backrest. The backrest, for instance, can be reclined backwards when the client needs to relax during a long tattoo session.

The legrest can swing up to allow you work on leg tattoos more conveniently. Another thing that sets it apart from similar products is the practical design as you can fold it down into a smaller unit.

4. Massage Facial Tattoo Bed Adjustable Table Chair Beauty Spa Salon Chairs (Black)

This product has double stitched finish, which boosts the resistance of the fabric against tear. As for the construction, it’s incredibly robust thanks to the quality steel base.

As usual, the backrest is also adjustable. You can recline it up to 180 degrees. In other words, your clients can lie comfortably on it.

The same goes for the legrest which is adjustable to a maximum of 180 degrees. When you straighten the backrest and legrest concurrently, it will transform into a bed.

5. NURXIOVO Commercial Tattoo Massage Table Facial Bed Chair with Adjustable Portable Stool Removable Headrest Facial Cradle Towel Holder for Spa Salon Black

There’s nothing particularly eye-catching about this bed because it looks like any other tattoo bed on the market. Let’s get to know about all the features.

The backrest and legrest are adjustable, but they aren’t the most flexible considering the former can just recline up to 65 degrees, while the latter stops at 75 degrees. But still, this kind of construction works perfectly for different heights.

Take the head cushion away, you will see a face opening. If you’ve been shopping around for quite some time, this wouldn’t surprise you at all. The bed is reminiscent of a massage table, which it is, but this one has a different purpose.

The face cradle is where the client should rest his head on while getting a back tattoo. As for the cushion, it feels smooth and comfortable. And there’s faux leather wrapping around the soft foam.

6. Icarus “Hera” Black Facial Bed Spa Table Tattoo Chair Bed with Towel Holder & Stool

‘Basic isn’t always bad’ is the message that the product is trying to convey. We don’t think it’s an exaggeration. Many tattoo beds in existence look quite similar with each other.

This one looks kind of generic, but does it matter more than functionality?

Nope, totally not. Functionality is still the most important thing about a tattoo bed. It should outweigh physical appearance and any other factor. The thing is this bed can get the job done without a problem.

So if you don’t want a bed with an intricate design, this will do wonders. It is all about simplicity, but doesn’t lack good quality.

The high density foam gives so much comfort, the face pillow is readily removable, and there is also a sanitary paper holder to keep a sanitary environment in your tattoo shop.

What to look for in a tattoo bed

1. Brand

As usual, when you want to buy furniture, the first thing you should consider is what company creates the product. This is especially important if you don’t have much time to shop around.

By focusing on reputable bands, you can be sure that a bed is high quality and doesn’t break easily. There are some good brands that specialize in providing tattoo furniture.

They sell more than just tattoo beds, anyway. It’s possible to find workstations and other supplementary tattoo furniture in a single company.

2. Price

It’s not mandatory to buy an expensive bed if you’re on a shoestring budget. However, price is a marker for quality. By spending more, you raise your chances of getting a solid product that can last for years.

Another reason to not buy an expensive bed is to avoid overspending. Not all tattoo shops are large. If you just got started, you may have to tighten your budget because any sort of overspending could lead to a business collapse.

Luckily, tattoo beds come in a range of prices. Higher price points usually indicate better quality and more complete features. But if budget is your constraint for the time being, it’s okay to lower your expectations and buy a more affordable product.

3. Features

What do you expect from your tattoo bed? The extensions that a bed can have are a lot. For instance, some beds don’t have armrests. This addition is optional.

If you’re okay with the entry level, then you’ll get fewer features, but at the same time pay less. If you upgrade, you can outfit the furniture piece with a lot of extras.

Apart from armrests, you may be offered legrests, which are not present in all products. The level of adjustability also varies across products.

Again, to make the most of a tattoo bed, you should be willing to pay more. Some beds can be reclined totally flat, swiveled around, and be adjusted in height.

They may also have unique designs, like the cobra shape in which you can reach a client’s sides without needing him to sit upright.


Tattoo shops are a profitable business if you know what to do. The sheer amount of competition is one of the challenges of running a tattoo shop.

There’s a lot to prepare before you’re ready rendering tattoos to clients. Besides a location, sterile equipment, you should also buy necessary furniture items like a tattoo bed.

The thing is the best tattoo beds come in a variety of styles, so it can be hard to pick one that suits your shop the most.

However, this shouldn’t be a problem if you read carefully all the guidelines we’ve provided before. From price to features, it’s all up to you to decide.

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