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Best Tattoo Storage Cabinet: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

What’s the purpose of the best tattoo storage cabinet?

It’s not different from the regular storage unit. It serves to store valuables, in this case, tattoo equipment.

If you don’t want your tattoo supplies strewn everywhere, then better get yourself a storage cabinet.

This is one of the most important additions to a tattoo shop.

Imagine if you don’t have one in the room, you may start losing the supplies one by one.

What are the requirements of a good tattoo cabinet?

Everyone has different needs, so you’re the one who knows what works best for you.

The sheer number of cabinets can make it difficult to choose. That’s because we have to compare different products before deciding which one to buy.

Your best friend is time, so don’t rush the purchase.

Make sure that a product already meets your criteria and expectations before adding it to the cart.

Otherwise, you might regret it later on.

If you’re searching for a cabinet to equip your tattoo shop, here are some that you can consider.

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Best Tattoo Storage Cabinets

1. Manhattan Fortress Rolling Cabinet Storage

A storage cabinet is a tool to keep tattoo supplies, like machines, inks, power supplies, etc. Therefore, you must choose a unit that’s large enough to hold all those essentials.

This rolling cabinet is pretty spacious inside.

It’s also made of strong material. In terms of design, it has a minimalist exterior, which is great for a tattoo room that’s supposed to appear sleek and simple.

Every inch of this unit exhibits strength and that’s mainly because the metal covers the whole surface.

tool tattoo

It has 2 doors for easy access and wheels for seamless navigation.

There is an extra drawer for you to keep specific supplies like inks.

For the record, it’s important to keep inks and other supplies separated to avoid rust.

Remember that ink has water content, so it can cause rust to some metals.

Another unique feature of this cabinet is the proprietary lock and key.

2. Tankstorm Tattoo Rolling Cart

Metal should the first choice for furniture that will be placed in a tattoo room. That’s because metal is strong and stain-resistant.

Wood is awesome, but it’s easily stainable especially when it doesn’t have a protective coating.

There are many types of metal, but stainless steel is one of the tops picks for furniture due to its durability, versatility, and non-absorbent nature.

This product is made of steel, so it will benefit from the properties that this metal has.

box tattoo

For starters, the material is strong, can withstand weight better than some other materials. It’s also resistant to stains, chemicals, and scratches.

This chest has a total of 5 drawers, allowing you to divide supplies into smaller groups.

For example, you can dedicate one or two drawers for inks only and the rest of the other supplies.

In terms of security, each one of the drawers can be locked up.

So if you don’t want anyone to have access to whatever is stored inside, just lock them up after the shop is closed.

3. Tankstorm 26″ Tattoo Storage Box and Multifuction Tool Storage Cabinet

This cabinet has a slightly different design than the previous model but still looks very compact.

Steel is the raw material for this stylish cabinet.

It also features wheel casters for easy mobility.

The material itself is durable, but the company ensures that it gets the best protection against scratches by applying a blue power coating on the outermost layer.

tattoo drawer

This consists of 4 drawers in a slightly different arrangement.

If you need two large drawers as seen in the picture, you can buy this unit. It’s useful to store larger tattoo equipment.

Meanwhile, the smaller top drawers can be used to store inks and supplies that can fit in narrower spaces.

All the doors come with a lock to prevent unauthorized access. This is especially useful if you want to keep other valuables inside the cabinet.

4. Craftsman Tool Chest with Drawer Liner Roll

One of the things that define how long a storage unit will last is the material.

When it’s made of sturdy material like steel, it will last for years or even decades.

While it’s true that steel is subject to wear and tear, its ability to combat the process is exceptional.

In short, any item made of this metal is built to last and it’s no different with this product.

tattoo storage case

It utilizes a high-grade metal, so expect it to remain in good shape for years to come.

There are a few ball-bearing drawers that you can use to keep plenty of stuff.

It also offers easy mobility thanks to the swivel casters attached to each corner of the bottom.

For additional safety, the company adds an internal locking system to this storage unit, which means the content will always be secure.

5. Costway 2-in-1 Multifunctional Tool Chest Rolling Cabinet

If you need bigger storage, this multi-drawer cabinet can be an option.

Judging by the looks, it’s easy to tell that this product is built using metal.

What metal, though?

Apparently, it’s stainless steel. It shouldn’t surprise you because steel has become a standard in the manufacturing industry due to its superior characteristics.

Now that you know it’s steel-based, quality isn’t something you should be concerned about.

Design is the more important factor because a cabinet this big may or may not interest you, especially as a tattoo room addition.

Steel furniture usually has the typical silver appearance, but it’s not even close to that shade.

Well, it has an extra power-coated finish, which helps extend its durability.

6. Rolling Tool Chest, Removable Tool Cabinet, Metal Box with 6 Drawers (Set of 2)

This is perfect for those who love bright colors.

Some manufacturers play safe by making cabinets in universal colors like black and silver because the demand is there.

Luckily, sometimes they don’t mind stepping out of their comfort zone by adding strong colors to the lineup.

tattoo case on wheels

This storage unit, for instance, comes in bright red. It looks like it exudes so much energy, but could also turn off some people.

Well, if this is your favorite color and it also turns out to go well with the rest of the decor, this would make a good addition to the room.

It has two different parts, one consists of 6 smaller drawers, while the other has a very large cabinet at the bottom.

It comes equipped with 4 wheel casters so that you can move it around with ease.

Tips for choosing the best tattoo storage unit

1. Size

Assess your needs before shopping around. The number of supplies you have can dictate the right size of a cabinet.

If you have a vast collection of inks, tattoo machines, needles, etc, then you must go for a larger unit.

If you choose the opposite, then one unit is probably not enough. You could end up with another extra cabinet to provide space for all the supplies.

With that in mind, don’t overlook this important factor.

Take measurements of the room where the cabinet is going to be placed. You wouldn’t want it to overcrowd the space.

2. Number of drawers

The number of drawers should correspond to the number of supplies you own.

If you have plenty of items to keep that belong to different categories, then it’s better to get a cabinet with multiple drawers.

This way, you can put together one type of supply in one place, like ink bottles in one drawer and tattoo machines in another.

Don’t forget to make an inventory list before shopping around. The longer you’ve been providing service, the more supplies you will have.

Take time to categorize those items into their respective types before storing them.

3. Wheel casters

Not all storage cabinets have wheels, but for a tattoo shop, this feature is quite a deal-breaker.

Instead of a wall cabinet, you might prefer one that has wheel casters, so that you can move it around easily.

Luckily, it’s not hard to find rolling storage units. They look like regular cabinets except they have wheels attached to the base for easy mobility.

Should you buy this model?

Yes, any furniture you place in the room from the tattoo table to the workstation needs to have casters to help with your work.

Wrap Up: Best Tattoo Tool Box / Tattoo Supply Drawer / Cabinet

Running a tattoo business requires proper planning.

There are many things you have to prepare aside from good tattoo skills.

You should also buy tattoo supplies to fill the room.

After you get a workstation, a table, and a stool, the next step is to find the best tattoo storage cabinet.

This furniture is crucial because it helps store supplies. Mind you, it serves a different purpose than a workstation.

While a workstation has trays to arrange inks, they’re mostly there while you’re working.

When you’re done with the job, you should put them in storage.

For those unaware, tattoo workstations usually come with open shelves, so there’s no way to secure the supplies.

Meanwhile, many cabinets have lockable drawers to ensure safe and confidential storage.

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