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Best Tattoo Artist Chairs: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

What constitutes a good tattoo chair?

Well, a few factors define a quality chair, like the degree of adjustability, base material, padding material, etc.

There should be at least two chairs in your shop, one for you and one for clients.

You can’t do a tattoo sitting on the floor because it can turn chaotic real fast.

Remember that you need to keep ink and other stuff close by. These things need to be placed neatly in the room.

Thankfully, there is furniture made for this purpose. You can buy some for sitting and another one to arrange your supplies.

When it comes to the best tattoo artist chairs, your clients’ comfort is not the only thing that matters.

Your comfort is equally important because a tattoo session can take hours to finish.

Without a comfy chair, it will be hard to focus on the job.

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What do you expect from a tattoo artist chair?

A chair for Tattooist doesn’t need the flexibility that the average client chair has to offer, but the cushioning should be comfortable at the very least.

It can also come with adjustable settings, like height and reclining positions.

Make sure it’s made of high-quality leather that’s resistant to spills.

Keep in mind that you will work with ink that can spill all over the place if you’re not careful.

But with quality leather, you wouldn’t worry about ink leaving stains on the fabric.

Furthermore, it will create a protective barrier for the cushion below it.

The Best Chairs for Tattoo Artist

1. Inkbed Super Heavy Duty Stool Tattoo Equipment

InkBed has an array of tattoo chairs for both clients and artists. This is one of the products in its complete lineup.

In terms of looks, it’s far from sophisticated, but it makes sense because this chair is aimed at the artist.

As we know, an artist needs to move a lot while tattooing because he has to constantly tune the machine, power supply and dip his gun in ink.

To accommodate that level of mobility, a simple chair is probably the best option.

This one looks very simple, but it’s still a good piece, all things considered.

The thick cushion provides the ultimate comfort. The welded steel base offers better durability, and it allows the stool to support more weight.

Like the majority of tattoo chairs, the height is adjustable on this one.

And how can someone not stare at the premium PVC leather covering the saddle?

Not only does it look sleek, but it also comes with low maintenance.

For those wondering about the maximum weight this unit can handle, the upper weight limit is 400 lbs. It is very fascinating indeed, given its compact size.

2. Lilfurni Leather Swivel Rolling Stool Chair

This product lives up to its name. It tries to provide us maximum comfort thanks to the full rotation design.

It’s also covered with high-quality leather that offers not only longevity but also easy maintenance.

There are 5 casters attached to its legs to ensure free movement.

As for the height, it’s adjustable through the hydraulic system.

If you’re looking for a chair for your tattoo shop, this makes a perfect addition.

It’s versatile enough that you can also use it for other commercial establishments.

One of the requirements of a quality stool is a strong metal base, and this product has that.

3. Coczeb Swivel Stool with Backrest for Tattoo Parlor

This chair comes with an adjustable height of up to 25.19 inches.

Add this to the fact that the frame is built using superior metal. You will get a very solid product with incredible durability.

The top padding has a round shape covered in high-end PVC leather.

There is also a backrest that you need to give necessary support to the spine.

The stool has 8 wheel casters for the best stability.

Well, this stool’s design is unusual, in a good way, because most have five casters.

So it’s good that the company pays attention to this little detail.

4. Grace & Grace Pneumatic Adjustable Heavy Duty Stool for Salon

When it comes to chairs for tattooists, many of them look quite identical.

It’s not surprising since artists do a lot of movement while doing their job.

As a result, their chairs are also designed to clean and simple. This is no different.

Apart from the regular no-armrest no-back support design, it also has 5 wheels for extra stability.

Actually, it still has a backrest, albeit a small one. This chair comes in individual parts.

You need to put them together to form the whole chair, but it’s not difficult since screws and necessary tools have been included in the package.

The Best Ergonomic Tattoo Artist Chair

1. Tat Tech Ergonomic Tattoo Stool

This product is the epitome of comfort for those looking for a versatile chair for their tattoo studios.

The thick cushion provides good support to your bottom.

The stool stands at 20 inches tall and can still be expanded up to 27 inches through the adjustable setting.

Meanwhile, the backrest measures 1 to 10 inches.

The chair is designed to help improve blood circulation, especially in the lower part of the body.

This is a concern as a tattoo session normally takes hours.

Without good circulation, you will easily feel fatigued.

Another part that boosts its comfort is the backrest. It can be tilted to the back in case you need to stretch your body a little bit.

People with back problems will also benefit from such a construction.

With this chair, you can lean backwards every once in a while for relaxation.

2. Nazalus Ergonomic Adjustable Saddle Stool Chairs

This is what you need to correct your posture.

The saddle stool has a design to help you change stance when required.

This is important to reduce stress, especially around the neck area. You can even sit on it for hours comfortably.

The height of this chair is adjustable from 20 to 29.5 inches, making it one of the tallest stools ever.

This is especially beneficial for taller people. In the meantime, the wheels roll smoothly.

They don’t create annoying noise as you move the chair across the room.

The loading capacity is 350lbs, pretty typical for this kind of construction. It’s made possible by the strong aluminum base.

The extraordinary height is not the only appeal of this seat.

It’s also thick in the pad, so it’s very comfy to rest your butt on it.

3. Ergonomic Precision Professional Tattoo Stool

This tattooing chair is the professional stool you need for your tattoo shop.

It’s not just the clients that deserve to be spoiled with comfy cushioning.

The artist also needs similar treatment to do the job in an enjoyable environment.

This chair can make it happen. It sports a metal exterior, which is in stark contrast to the sturdy metal base.

It’s adjustable in height from 20 to 27 inches. The amount it can hold is up to 250 lbs, which is a decent figure.

Since an artist chair is meant for the artist only, a staggering weight capacity isn’t important.

The backrest can also be extended up to 10 inches. The chair has met the parameters of ergonomics, which means it’s adapted to the shape of the human body to elevate comfort levels.

This is paramount to promote blood flow during extended periods of sitting.

Precision Professional Tattoo Stool - Black

As you know, occasional breaks are still necessary regardless of your workload.

The backrest can provide the needed back support, but since it’s pretty compact, it can be turned around and moved to the front, which lowers the chances of slouching.

4. Duhome Ergonomic Adjustable Swivel Work Stool

You’re going to love the backrest approach of this tattooing chair.

Instead of a post protruding from the seat, it’s shaped like a half-circle. It’s able to support the back evenly from left to right.

When it comes to construction, it’s outfitted with PU leather, which is a common pick for such furniture.

It’s mostly revered for its low maintenance and long-lasting quality.

And as you see, the seat also has thick padding to provide added comfort while sitting.

The chair features a free-rotating mechanism, can be swiveled through 360 degrees.

And to ensure that it glides effortlessly on the floor, there are 5 roll casters to support its weight.

The best thing about this product is the level of adjustability offered.

The height can be changed from 28 to 32 inches. The same goes for the seat, which can be elevated from 19 to 24 inches max.

Duhome Adjustable Swivel Work Stool Task Chairs,White Massage Salon Home Office Facial Spa Medical Chair Stool Backrest Cushion & Wheels

In terms of load capacity, it withstands weight up to 245lbs.

That’s quite a nice figure considering this chair is supposed to be used by a single person.

5. Senkelly Ergonomic Hydraulic Stool Chair with Backrest

Height adjustment can’t be overlooked when buying a tattooing chair as it’s directly proportional to comfort.

The good news is it has become a staple feature in most products, including this one. It can stand upright from 20.67 to 28.34 inches.

As for the backrest, you can orient it to any desired angle to achieve an unparalleled seating experience.

Another plus point is it boasts an ergonomic design, which shows from the backrest that supports the natural curvature of your back.

It’s not just the lower back, but the overall design also ensures that the adjacent areas are properly enveloped.

Meanwhile, the soft cushioning takes coziness to the next level.

There’s no need to sweat over upkeep since it’s upholstered in quality leather.

On another note, the construction is robust. This chair is designed to hold up to 350lbs of weight.

The incredible support allows it to accommodate different weights.

Senkelly Swivel Office Home Rolling Stool Chair with Backrest Hydraulic Adjustable Height for Clinic Medical Drafting Work Salon Beauty (with backrest, Brown)

However, it’s probably not necessary if you use it only for yourself.

And in case you’re worried about slipping off while sitting, the raised sides help secure you in place.

How to choose the best tattoo artist chairs

1. Padding

Good padding doesn’t have to be thick but should be thick enough to support your bottom.

If it’s too thin, you will feel fatigued quickly. Too thick isn’t good, either, because it may feel like a sponge.

You would want the foam to conform to your contour.

That would be better if it returns to the original shape when you no longer sit on it.

Please touch the pad to find out how it responds to pressure.

If the padding feels comfortable enough, you can consider buying the chair.

2. Adjustability

It’s not wrong to dedicate the comfiest chair to your clients, but it’s hard to work when your focus is distracted between many things. Imagine you have to constantly fidget in your seat just because it feels hard.

Tattooing requires a lot of focus. You can’t let trivial matters ruin everything.

If you get distracted a lot by the hard pad, you must switch to a softer pad.

The same goes for height. Not all stools come with adjustable heights.

Choosing a chair that doesn’t properly support your frame will also cause a lot of discomforts.

To overcome this issue, you should opt for a chair with adjustable height and a nice backrest.

3. Portability

Do you need to move freely across the room?

If so, then you must pick a chair with wheels.

Some chairs, especially for clients, don’t offer much portability.

Still, they make up for it with advanced features like reclined backrest, and extra leg rests.

You know your needs as an artist. If you need unrestricted movement while doing a tattoo, then opt for a portable chair.

4. Loading capacity

We’re not trying to be shady or anything, but it’s a fact that every chair has a different weight limit.

Some chairs can support up to 300lbs, while others can handle more.

You’re probably not the only one who will use the chair, so go for a higher loading capacity just to be safe.

The following are some frequently asked questions that may provide you with the information you seek.

The following are some frequently asked questions that you may have.

What chairs do tattoo artists use?

They mainly use stools due to their practicality. Meanwhile, beds are usually reserved for clients.

They are the ones that need to lie down during a tattoo session, so it makes sense to provide them with these special chairs.

Do tattoo artists pay for their chairs?

They could rent a chair from a tattoo studio. Or, if they want to provide service independently, buying doesn’t seem far-fetched.

At the end of the day, every business requires some form of investment. Therefore, it’s reasonable to pay for things to keep the business going.

Is a stool ergonomic enough for tattooists?

Yes, in general, a stool or saddle seat that meets the fundamentals of ergonomics.
With it, you can work tattooing clients while sitting, perching, or even moving about if you choose to!

Since the pelvis and lower back are neutral while seated on a stool or on a saddle seat, the spine is free to take on its natural curvature and is thus more comfortable.

How much weight does a tattooist chair hold?

Tattooist chairs often have a weight capacity of 250 pounds or more, but this may vary depending on the manufacturer.

What is the best tattoo artist chair with back support?

There are some nice products included in this review. Please read them again to figure out which one suits you the most.

Best Tattoo Artist Chair Final Thoughts

You can please your customers by giving them the most convenient chairs, but you shouldn’t compromise yours.

Hence, the one you sit on should also have dense and soft cushioning.

It can be hard to choose among the best tattoo artist chairs; that’s why you should figure out your needs before shopping around.

Learn the specs of a product before you consider buying it.

Take your time while looking for a chair since they all have distinct characteristics and range in price.

And that concludes our review of the finest seats for tattoo artists.

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