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Best Tattoo Ink Rack: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

It takes time to find the best tattoo ink rack, but it’s worth the effort. In choosing a display rack, you must know what you’re looking for. These items come in various models and sizes.

However, the choices are probably limited if you’re specifically looking for a rack to store ink bottles.

Firstly, it’s important to assess your needs. Do you want a rack to store all bottles or just some of them?

The more you want to keep in the rack, the bigger the unit should be. However, it’s not advised to choose an overly huge rack because this furniture is supposed to be practical especially when it’s used for tattooing purposes.

Remember that the room needs to be simple and minimalist. Therefore, a large storage piece won’t be suitable.

These items are also made of various materials. Steel and acrylic are two of the popular choices because they are superior in a number of ways.

Steel, for instance, is resistant to corrosion. This is something that an ink rack should have because ink comes in liquid form, which means it contains water. As we know, water is one of the promoters of rust.

So if you don’t want the storage unit to develop rust over time, you should make sure it’s made of a non-rusting material like steel. Acrylic is also good for similar reasons. It doesn’t rust, but at the same time is lightweight.

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Best Tattoo Ink Racks

1. Holder Ink Acrylic Vertical Display Stand Organizer For 1oz Tattoo Ink Bottles

If there’s much space left in the room, then we suggest you buy a bottle organizer that can be hung from the wall. This product is one of the examples.

Unlike the usual display stand that needs to be placed on a countertop, this is more versatile because you can install it on the wall. It’s specially designed to hold ink bottles although it can also store other stuff like nail polish and lipsticks.

The design is pretty sleek, too, so it can keep clutter out of the room. Everything needs to be arranged in a way that lets you access essential supplies with ease. It may not have a fancy design, but is appropriate for a professional setting.

In terms of durability, it’s not much of a concern because acrylic is the raw material. As we know, acrylic possesses some traits of a quality material, like non-absorbent, durable, and lightweight.

2. Beauticom Black Acrylic Tattoo Ink Small Display Stand 6-Tier Rack Organizer Table Counter (Dimension Size: 8.5″ Length x 9.25″ Width x 7.75″ Height)

Acrylic is one of the most widely-used materials for display stands, so don’t be surprised if you find a lot of them while shopping for an ink holder. This product has a nice black construction with a total of 6 ascending tiers for easy access of the bottles.

This rack is easy to assemble, anyway. Besides, it also has a lot of space for ink bottles. You don’t have to buy multiple units to store all your ink collection. The best part is it can fit different ink products.

For the record, ink bottles come in various shapes and sizes. If you choose a rack that’s too small, it will be difficult to organize larger bottles.

3. Sooyee Acrylic 6 Layer Nail Polish Rack Tabletop Display Stand on the Table or Desk Holds Up 72 Bottles,Clear 6 Tier Essential Oils Holder 12.2×9.5×6.9 Inches

In case you have trouble finding a special ink organizer, just buy a nail polish display stand, instead. It can be a substitute because it looks quite identical except it’s made for smaller bottles. Well, nail polish bottles vary in size, but they are almost the same size.

If you want to buy this acrylic storage, make sure it’s not that small to hold your ink bottles. Luckily, some tattoo suppliers do package ink in smaller bottles, so they would be compatible with this holder.

It has a transparent design, which makes it ideal for a tattoo room. This kind of construction also makes inks more visible. You don’t have to pick up each bottle to find out what color is in it. This organizer consists of 6 tiers with each having the capacity of up to 12 bottles.

It’s also claimed to be a multifunctional holder, which is not an exaggeration. Nearly all display stands are useful for storing lipsticks, fragrance, essential oils, and other things that come in bottles.

4. 6 Tiers Acrylic Display Rack Nail Polish Collection Plastic Multi-Tray for Essential Oil Organizer

This bottle organizer looks fairly simple just like any other nail polish display stand. With a total of 6 tiers, there’s much room for you to keep a lot of tattoo bottles. It’s also reminiscent of the previous model especially in terms of design.

It’s understandable knowing that acrylic makes up the whole unit. As said before, acrylic has become a favorite because it is offers stiffness but without the extra weight.

This stand has dimensions of 12.2x 10.4x 8.4 inches, pretty large to support up to 72 medium-sized bottles. If your pigments happen to have smaller packages, you can probably arrange more on the shelves.

5. STORi Clear Plastic Multi-Level Nail Polish Organizer | Holds up to 40 Bottles

Acrylic is ductile, but for some reason, many organizers made of this material come in straightforward designs. This product, for instance, reminds us of many other display stands.

There’s nothing about it that screams exclusive, but it’s not bad by any means. Your tattoo room doesn’t need sophisticated decorative pieces. And a display stand is not meant to be a centerpiece, so choosing a simple one is the right thing to do.

The differentiating factor of this rack is the number of rows and overall size. This one has 4 rows, which can hold approximately 40 bottles.

It could be more or fewer depending on the sizes of the bottles. Is it usable for cosmetics?

Of course, you can use it to store anything that fits in the shelves.

6. Cq acrylic 72 Bottles of 5 Layers Nail Polish Rack-Clear Nail Polish Display,Just Stand on The Table or Desk,16.4×7.8×7.5 inch,Pack of 1

It’s important to choose an ink rack with a railing on the sides to prevent the bottles from tipping over. This one has this structure on both ends to keep your inks in place.

It’s also constructed using acrylic. One of the useful traits of this material is the transparency and this product exhibits that.

With a transparent design, it’s easy to see the pigment in each bottle, so you don’t have to pick up just to have a better view. There are 5 layers in total with a width of 1.4inch.

What to look for in a tattoo ink rack

1. Quality

Quality should be a priority because it is a measure of desirable attributes a product can have. By the way, quality is a broad term that encompasses many good things about a product.

In this case, when you say a quality rack, then it could mean it’s made of a strong material, has a nice design, etc. Unfortunately, quality often goes hand in hand with price. So if you want to have a quality ink rack, then you should pay more.

Quality can also make a product stand out in the crowd. It’s not hard to find quality storage units these days. It’s actually harder to choose between so many great choices, so take your time.

2. Material

Choosing the right material is imperative especially when you’re going to place a rack in a tattoo room. One of the requirements of a good material for a tattoo room is non-porous.

What’s the fuss with that?

Microorganisms can thrive in ink. That’s why tattoo supplies go the extra mile to sterilize their products. They incorporate some of the most advanced sterilization methods like the gamma rays. It’s none other than to ensure the hygiene of the products.

Imagine if bad bacteria exist in an ink before it gets injected into a client’s skin. It can cause unwanted problems like infection. This is also the underlying reason why you must choose non-porous materials because they are less susceptible to bacterial growth.

3. Customization

Some display racks offer a multitude of customization although it may be somewhat limited for tattoo ink ranks. They are not as ubiquitous as display stands for nail polish, for instance.

Actually, you can use a regular display rack to organize ink bottles, only the problem is you may not get one that exactly matches the shapes and sizes of your ink bottles. Well, if you can find one that fits perfectly, then good for you.


The best tattoo ink racks vary in size and style. However, you must keep the room organized by choosing a simple design instead of an intricate one. It’s not hard to find display racks with meticulous designs, but a tattoo room has never been about fashion.

It’s set up for you to do tattoo work. Hence, it needs to have furniture that’s functional, not just looks pretty. A tattoo ink rack is one of the things you must buy to equip the room.

If you already have a tattoo workstation, this is probably not too necessary. But if you have plenty of bottles to keep, it will still be a good addition. The number of bottles a unit can handle depends on the size.

Go for a bigger rack if you need a bigger capacity. As for design, it’s not a defining factor. If you can’t find a design you desire, a simple one will do just fine.

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