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Best Tattoo Arm Rests: Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Why is it important to choose the best tattoo arm rests?

It’s all for your clients’ comfort. Now imagine if you have to hold your arm throughout a tattoo session. That must be exhausting, right?

Anyone will experience fatigue if they have to tense their muscles for long periods of time. To make a tattoo session feel more enjoyable, you should provide your client an armrest where he can rest his arm while getting a tattoo.

This is not that different from a regular chair armrest. Both are designed to support the arm. The difference is a tattoo armrest has its own base.

There are a few things to consider upon purchasing an armrest, such as design, features, price, etc. Since different products are made of different materials, you must be selective with your choice.

Pay attention to the thickness and softness of the padding. Also, find out the maximum height it can be raised to because it will affect the overall comfort.

How important is an armrest for a tattoo studio?

It’s actually very important because the arm is a common placement for tattoos. Many people will come up to you to get their arms inked up.

If you have no armrest in the room, then the clients will have no choice but to hold their arms until the tattoos are done.

Best Tattoo Arm Rests

1. Heavy Duty Armrest for Tattoo Studio Artist

Tattoo armrests rarely come with lengthy descriptions because they have simple designs mostly. This one, for instance, has a very straightforward design. The total weight of this unit is 20lbs. It’s quite moderate especially compared to a tattoo bed.

There’s no need to choose a heavy armrest because it will restrict mobility. Keep in mind that you may have to move it around during use to let you access different parts of the arm. This product also offers adjustable height from the lowest point of 24 inches to the highest of 34 inches.

For those wondering about the dimensions, they are 13″ x 8.5″ x 3″. The cushion is not only thick, but also soft to touch. The most interesting feature of this armrest is the free vertical movement. It’s able to rotate up to 360 degrees vertically.

2. TAT TECH ARMREST Compact Tattoo Armrest (ARMREST-4-SMALL)

This is another product you can think of buying. It weighs about 4.5lbs, which is way less than the previous model. Well, if weight is your main concern in choosing an armrest, this should appeal to you more. Meanwhile, the pad has dimensions of 12 inch x 7.5 inch.

This also has an adjustable height setting on its base. All you have to do is adjust the height and then secure it through the provided knob. It can go from 23 inches to a max of 40 inches from the ground.

The base looks pretty rigid, too. The 13-inch wide base can give necessary support to any client’s arm. From the product page, the armrest is suitable for travel purposes.

Judging by the compact design and weight, it makes so much sense. As for durability, it’s made of a strong material, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

3. High Quality ARMREST PRO Tattoo Studio Grade Armrest

The picture is a bit deceiving, isn’t it? It looks compact on the outside, but turns out to weigh decently. The total weight of the unit is 17lbs. It’s not the lightest, but also far from the heaviest. Meanwhile, the pad has dimensions of 10 inch x 18 inch, which are pretty average.

Well, most clients you will encounter probably don’t have arms bigger than what the pad can support, so it’s not a problem. You can also see similar figures in the height support, which range from 27 inches to 41 inches.

Why are the numbers similar between different products?

Companies usually estimated the numbers based on the research they had conducted before and data collected from various sources.

4. Tattoo Arm Rest, Heavy Duty Cross Adjustable Height Arm Leg Rest Tattoo Soft Sponge Pad Armrest Stand Portable Tattoo Leg for Studio Salon Tattoo

Solid is written all over this tattoo armrest. The base is thick and made of heavy duty iron. This makes a great combination with the leather upholstered padding. The cushion is especially thick, so your client can rest his arm comfortably on it.

Another benefit that pu leather has to offer is easy maintenance. This material is known for being easy to clean. What about the solid back color scheme?

It covers the entire surface of this armrest, so hopefully you like it. With a weight of only 4.7kg, the armchair can hold up to 200kg of weight.

Who would’ve thought this simple piece would be able to withstand that much load?

Well, we’re taught to not judge a book by its cover. As for the height, it’s adjustable from 27.5 inches to 41.33 inches. And that’s not the end of it. The cushion is another part you can adjust. It can rotate up to 180 degrees.

5. Tattoo Armrest Stand, Portable Adjustable Height Pad Soft PU Leather Pad Leg Arm Rest Studio Chair

This armrest doesn’t differ much from the previous models. It has a few similarities to the ones already mentioned, one of which is the adjustable height. This armrest allows you to adjust height to a client’s comfort level. It ranges from 68 cm to 100 cm from the ground.

Apparently, the cushion also offers some sort of flexibility since it can be positioned to a 180 degree angle. And don’t worry about durability. The use of metal pretty much guarantees long-lasting use.

On top of the solid frame is thick foam padding. It’s an area where a client can lay down his arm before getting a tattoo. Design-wise, this armrest is compact, which means easy storage and seamless mobility.

It’s called an armrest for a reason, but it can be a multipurpose piece as well. You can transform it into a leg rest thanks to the adjustable height and high loading capacity.

6. BARBALL Tattoo Arm Rest Leg Stand Adjustable with Hand Crank(D-1)

In purchasing an armrest, the stand material is something you must consider carefully. There are numerous metals used in the manufacturing industry.

For this reason, it’s important to know if a stand is made of steel, iron, or another metal because each one possesses distinct characteristics.

This product utilizes iron, so it will benefit from the unique qualities, like excellent wear resistance and durability. As opposed to that, the cushion provides extreme comfort because it’s made of a soft material wrapped in premium leather.

The padding is flexible as you can rotate it to a 180 degree angle. This kind of flexibility also applies to the stand, which is easy to adjust from 32.2″ to 41.3″. On a side note, the pad cover can be detached from the main structure. This makes regular maintenance feel easier.

Tips for choosing the best tattoo armrest

1. Budget

Buying an armrest won’t burn a hole in your pocket because they normally come with moderate price tags. They cost about the same as other tattoo supplies.

In fact, you can get one for less than $70. The more you’re willing to pay, the better quality you can get.

Investing in a quality product is worthwhile because this piece of furniture will be used frequently given the popularity of arm tattoos. Don’t hesitate to shell out more because a good armrest can last for years and needs low upkeep.

2. Material

Armrests are made of a wide range of materials. However, knowing tattoo service is supposed to be clean and sterile, metal should be the first choice for all furniture in your tattoo shop.

It might be possible to find hardwood bases, but we still advise you to get a metal one because it’s not only strong, but also very sterile.

There is a reason why metal is widely used in medical settings. It’s simply more sanitary due to the non-absorbent properties. As for the cushioning, go for a softer material. Synthetic materials are awesome because they are durable.

3. Height

Should you go for an armrest with fixed or adjustable height?

The latter is more convenient for a tattoo shop because people have different heights. For taller clients, you can raise the stand, so that their forearms don’t hang too low. The same goes for shorter clients. You should adjust it to their comfort level.


Don’t overlook the role of a tattoo armrest because it’s just as vital as other tattoo supplies. Basically, you must be mindful in selecting every item for the tattoo room. Just like other furniture items, the best tattoo arm rests are also subject to wear and tear.

For this reason, maintenance is still necessary apart from getting good quality, of course. There are many factors that determine the durability of an armrest, one of which is the material.

A product constructed using a sturdy material should last long even without excessive maintenance. In contrast, a poorly constructed product won’t be able to stand the test of time. Hence, don’t be afraid to pay more in advance.