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Best Tattoo Chairs for Clients: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Tattoo conversations usually revolve around tattoo machines, ink, and other supplies which have to do with the process of tattooing. We rarely pay attention to chairs although they are equally important.

When you visit a tattoo parlor, you will be shown a specific chair on which you would sit and get the tattoo done. A tattoo chair has a unique construction. It kind of looks like that in a clinic or a dentist.

They share quite a lot of similarities, but they still have differences. A quality tattoo chair is a good investment since it directly affects your clients’ comfort.

If you go for a low-quality product, sitting on it can feel like torture. Your clients will be distracted by the seat instead of focusing on the whole tattoo process. There are many chairs with their own distinct features.

They can be quite costly especially compared to other tattoo equipment. For this reason, you must be careful before taking one to your tattoo shop. Here are some of the best tattoo chairs for clients:

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Best Tattoo Chairs for Clients

1. New Patented InkBed Hydraulic Client Tattoo Massage Bed Chair Table Ink Bed Studio Salon Equipment

hydraulic tattoo chair

One word to describe this chair is solid. Yes, this chair has a solid construction with a base made of steel. It’s adjustable to the point that your client can lie down if he prefers this position to sit.

For the record, the chair can lie totally flat. And in case you need him to lie on his stomach, you can do that easily by getting rid of the headrest pillow. There is a face cradle where he can rest his head on without pinching his nose.

This chair also has leg rests that work independently. This is helpful especially when you need to do a tattoo on one leg. Just pull one of the rests towards you to make it easier to do a tattoo.

Surprisingly, this part is also adjustable in its length. Taller clients will benefit the most from this awesome construction. The level of customization provided by this chair is a further differentiating factor.

It’s not just the leg rests, but the armrests are can also move in different directions. If you need the full-featured version, then add the optional armrests.

They can be tilted and rotated to provide the ultimate comfort to the client’s arms during the tattoo session. It’s easy to dismount this part with just your hands. There is no tool needed to remove them from the main structure.

2. Okakopa Tattoo Bed Chair, Adjustable Tattoo Chair for Clients (Compact)

If you want a more straightforward design, this can be an option. This chair comes fully welded in the base.

This particular construction may increase its durability since it would be more resistant to pressure. Meanwhile, the arms are removable. There are times when armrests become unnecessary. You need to find a chair that delivers great functionality while still offering a high level of flexibility.

In this case, you don’t need a specific tool to detach the armrests. There is also a face cradle beneath the headrest. Whenever you need your client to lie on his stomach, just remove the pillow to disclose this hidden part.

The headrest itself is adjustable. It can support clients up to 6 feet tall. By the way, just because this chair looks simple doesn’t mean it doesn’t provide convenience.

Don’t let the look fool you. The chair is actually made of dense and thick foam to will give a soft-touch feel to anyone sitting on it.

3. InkBed Patented Adjustable Ergonomic Chair Stool, Chest Back Rest Support, Tattoo Studio Equipment (Black)

You can equip your tattoo shop with more than just one chair. This is a chair in a traditional fashion. Many products branded as tattoo chairs look more like bed-chair combos. This one looks and works like a chair.

If you’re looking for a stool to fill your tattoo shop, this can be an option. It doesn’t like the average bar stool, though.

It has a unique design that makes it a perfect fit for a tattoo shop. Besides, it sports an ergonomic design and has a robust construction. The best thing about it is the mobility. Some chairs can be hard to move around because they are welded at the base.

This one has wheels that give the chair its free movement. The armrests have thick cushioning that can be positioned to 15 different angles.

Meanwhile, the seat is very wide to accommodate any client. The same solid quality also applies to the construction. It is robust and supports a maximum weight of 300Lbs.

4. Tattoo Client Chair with Stool Spa Table Chair (Max Weight Capacity 500lbs)

This is a multifunctional chair that can occupy any business you’re interested in, be it a tattoo shop or a beauty salon. It’s made of a high-grade metal to ensure its durability. Meanwhile, the foam cushion is coated with quality faux leather.

While it’s not the most advanced tattoo chair you can find today, it still offers so much flexibility. The recliner can be adjusted to any position, from sitting upright to lying on the back. And the leather is easy to clean with just a cloth and water.

Another thing we like about this chair is its portability. Since the design is foldable, you can use it even in a narrow space. Besides, storage is much easier this way. The upper limit of the load capacity is 500Lbs.

5. Apelila Professional Swivel Hydraulic Barber Salon Hair Styling Beauty Shampoo Spa Tattoo Bed Shaving Equipment (Recliner Barber Chair)

Note: This product is unavailable as of November 26th, 2021.

This is another versatile chair you can add to your tattoo shop. Chairs with this appearance can be found in various places, like beauty salons and barbershops. They can also be part of your tattoo equipment.

What are the features? It has a 360-degree full rotation design with a hydraulic pump for adjusting the height.

Despite looking like a normal chair, it can be reclined to support your client’s back. It can handle a maximum weight of 446Lbs. The cushion also feels comfy. It’s easy to get lost in the comfort of the soft material.

For those wondering what type of leather this chair uses, it’s advanced PVC leather that provides extra flexibility and endurance.

6. Artist Hand Reclining Barber Chair All Purpose Salon Chair for Hair Stylist Tattoo Chair Makeup Chair Salon Equipment

If you’re looking for a multipurpose chair to include in the décor of your tattoo shop, we highly suggest this one.

With an ergonomic design, this chair is designed to relieve muscle tension and provide necessary back support. The high-density sponge further boosts the comfort levels. Meanwhile, PU leather lends its delicate charm to this chair.

The height is adjustable up to 7 inches. The maximum weight support is slightly below that of the previous product, which is 330Lbs to be exact.

But don’t worry, this product has a heavy-duty frame, so it’s not easy to break. On top of that, the design is very pretty.

How to choose the best tattoo chairs for clients

1. Know your needs

You must assess your requirements before buying a tattoo chair. Everything that you buy for your tattoo shop needs to be functional.

Therefore, try your best to avoid impulse purchases. If you just opened your small shop, then one or two chairs are probably enough. You can add more as your business grows.

2. Quality

Quality is also important. A quality chair has better durability. You can use it longer than a low-quality product.

Don’t be afraid to spend more in advance because the cost of maintenance would be much lower if you go for a high-quality chair.

3. Features

Would you go for a regular stool or a more full-featured version? The more features a chair has, the more expensive it will be. Some chairs offer much flexibility to the user.

For instance, the armrests may come as detachable extensions that you can remove with ease. Another example is leg rests that allow the tattoo artist to focus on one leg for tattooing. This is especially useful for creating leg tattoos.

Good Tattoo Client Chairs Conclusion

The best tattoo chairs for clients are designed to provide unparalleled comfort. Providing quality service is a way to build a relationship with clients and gain their trust.

As an owner, you are in charge of every element of the shop, including chairs. The number of chairs to buy should be tailored to your needs. If you’re new to this business, it’s a good idea to start small and expand as your customer base grows.

However, quality should still be the top priority. It’s okay to buy one chair in the beginning, but it needs to be of good quality. Otherwise, your clients might feel uncomfortable throughout the tattoo sessions.

Instead of becoming loyal customers, they would be reluctant to come back and use your service again. It’s not difficult to find good products at affordable prices. You just need to shop around more because there are many of them out there.

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