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Best Tattoo Ink Holder: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

The best tattoo ink holders are made for easy organization of ink bottles. If you’re serious about pursuing a career as a professional tattoo artist, then you must have this item.

An ink holder looks like a regular tray except it has more tiers to allow you display plenty of bottles. This display rack is not only useful to store ink bottles. You can also use it to organize stuff that has nothing to do with tattoos, like nail polish and fragrances. Basically, it’s useful to hold a variety of items.

Should an ink holder come with a sophisticated design?

It’s not a must because this storage unit is more about functionality than fashion. We’ve always said that it’s important to keep a tattoo room uncluttered. The area is supposed to be a place for you to do your tattoo job.

The workstation particularly needs to appear clean and simple. That’s why tattoo furniture comes in straightforward designs. These pieces are not meant to be decorative pieces. They are necessary for holding tattoo supplies and maintaining high standards of hygiene.

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Best Tattoo Ink Holders

1. Holder Ink Acrylic Display Stand Organizer for Tattoo Inks, Nail Polish Bottles and Other Beauty Essentials That Keeps Them Organized, Secured and Ready to use

We believe you’ve seen these kind of display racks before because they are used in various commercial establishments. You can find them in beauty shops, perfume shops, etc.

Speaking of this ink holder, it has a versatile design. You can use it to store not only ink bottles, but also nail polish, perfume bottles, and others. The multi-tier design is well-thought. It allows you to see bottles in the back easily because it increases in height with every tier.

Quality-wise, it’s excellent thanks to the use of acrylic. Acrylic is widely used for making this type of furniture, so don’t be surprised if you find a lot of ink holders made of this material.

It is strong, durable, and lightweight. Besides, it also doesn’t need much maintenance, although occasional cleaning is still necessary.

2. Holder Ink Acrylic Vertical Display Stand Organizer For 1oz Tattoo Ink Bottles. Keeps Your Items Organized, Secured and Ready to use

This display rack is slightly different from the previous model because it positions bottles horizontally. This can be an option for those struggling with limited spaces. If your tattoo room isn’t that spacious to begin with, choosing compact furniture is a way to keep the space open.

There are many bottles it can store, so don’t worry about its capacity. In fact, you can hang it on the wall in case there’s no more space left on the workstation and other parts of the room.

As with the previous model, acrylic makes up the whole unit. This material is a top choice because it withstands wear and tear very well. Besides, it’s also not heavy like hardwood and any other furniture material.

The pretty design adds value to this product. It really suits a tattoo room that’s supposed to be set up in a minimalist way.

3. New Star Tattoo Stainless Steel Tattoo Pigment Ink Cup Holder Stand for Tattoo Machine Supply

If you’ve been a loyal fan of New Star Tattoo, you shouldn’t miss this ink cup holder stand. What’s special about it? Well, it’s stainless steel, which is a totally different material than acrylic. Steel takes strength to the next level, but there are things that make acrylic hard to beat.

Firstly, acrylic is more customizable. Secondly, it’s also resistant to stains. They both have pros and cons. However, if you want an ink holder with great durability, this product will meet your expectations.

It’s tough, durable, and stain-resistant. There are 21 different holes with varying sizes on its surface, which means you can store various tattoo inks.

4. Tattoo Ink Cup Holder, Tazay 3PCS 7 Holes Stainless Steel Tattoo Ink Caps Holder Stand Pigment Cup Cap Container Holder Stand Permanent Makeup Tattoo Supplies

This is another cup holder that uses stainless steel as the raw material. Hence, longevity shouldn’t be an issue. You can buy one and use it for a long time. Only the difference is it doesn’t have that many holes compared to the New Star Tattoo’s offering.

There are a total of 7 holes in this product. If you want to buy this and happen to have plenty of cups, you might need to buy multiple pieces. One wouldn’t be enough to keep all pigments.

As a tattoo artist who deals with ink cups a lot, this is a mandatory addition to the room. Without something to hold the cups, you can spill ink all over the place.

Basically, it’s important to ensure hygiene and cleanliness because a tattoo room should be clean all the time. Another benefit of using this ink holder is it won’t rust.

Well, it’s stainless steel, so it’s not surprising to say the least. Keep in mind that ink is liquid. Choosing a wrong material can lead to rust formation. Thankfully, stainless steel has a protective layer of chromium oxide to prevent rust.

5. Tattoo pigment ink palette, honeycomb shape palette, easy to color, large capacity, easy to operate Lightweight and easy to color (Pink)

Perhaps, the most striking feature of this product is the stackable design. Unlike other ink holders, this one comes in individual containers that you can stack up as needed.

This makes a good pick for traveling because you can take the cups apart for easy storage, and then put them back again when you’re ready to do a tattoo. With this, there is no need to buy an impractical holder that usually takes up much space.

Another thing that adds to its appeal is the modular design. You can create a pattern out of the individual containers, something that a typical ink holder can’t do.

6. Cianowegy Tattoo Ink Cup Holder Acrylic Tattoo Pigment Ink Cup Holder Stand for Machine Supply, 4×2.4 inches

This ink holder looks magnificent with its transparent color. It’s light in weight despite looking very solid. Acrylic is one of the favorite construction materials because it strikes a perfect balance between durability and beauty. Besides, this material is not prone to rusting.

This is an important consideration in choosing tattoo supplies. As an artist, you will work a lot with ink, which is a known rust accelerator. So if the room is full of items that can’t resist oxidation, you’ll have a lot of work to do clean them up. Non-rusting materials will save you time and hassle.

Make sure your workstation has a lot of them. In terms of design, this ink holder looks fancy with the see-through appearance. This makes a perfect choice to adorn the tattoo room.

Tips for choosing the best ink holder

1. Design

It’s not a crime to choose a pretty design, but everything in the room needs to look simple. Therefore, we suggest you choose a simple ink holder.

Make sure it doesn’t have unnecessary extensions that only deviate it from its original purpose. It should be an organizer first and foremost, so when it already meets the requirement, anything else doesn’t really matter.

Speaking of design, it needs to go in accordance with the rest of the décor, so it creates uniformity. But if you can’t find one that really fits, just go for a simple design because it should work for any space.

2. Size

Next, it needs to come in a correct size, meaning that it’s neither too large nor small for your ink collection. If it’s too small, it won’t be able to accommodate all your inks, especially the ones you use the most.

In contrast, if it’s too large, it will create empty areas that may appear unsightly. Well, if you have to choose between the two somehow, an oversized holder is better because it’s more functional.

Next, consider the dimensions. Two holders of the same volume can have different dimensions. You should know if you want a holder with more height or width because it will affect how it looks.

3. Material

There are various synthetic materials used to create display racks. Choose one that offers great durability. This way, you can use it for a long time.

You can consider acrylic because it has many advantages. This material is known for its outstanding strength and stiffness, but without the weight.

Simply put, it’s a perfect substitute to metal. If metal already fills up your tattoo shop and you want something new for the ink holder, go for acrylic.


The best tattoo ink holders are supposed to be space savers. You buy one of these to help keep all ink bottles, so you can reach them with ease while tattooing.

Knowing its importance as an organizational tool, you should pick one that serves this purpose well. For instance, it needs to have containers that fit your bottles.

This is especially important if you choose an ink holder with multiple horizontal tiers. But if you have no countertop as a base for the holder, you can choose a vertical-styled one. This variety usually needs less floor space because it stretches vertically, not sideways.

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