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Best Tattoo Workstations: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Setting up a tattoo workstation is an important step in providing tattoo service. It’s not a must to buy a special workstation.

You can use a regular desk or table to organize tattoo supplies, but there are several drawbacks of using such furniture items because they are not designed for tattoo purposes.

After providing service for quite some time, you will figure out what supplies you use the most. Please keep them within reach in the workstation. This way, you don’t have to move a lot during a tattoo session.

Another important thing is to avoid clutter in the room. It should be clean and sterile to prevent cross contamination. Remember that hygiene is the utmost importance. It’s a prerequisite for any business where the risk of infection is high.

So, how you do ensure high standards of hygiene? You can do that by choosing a quality workstation. Of all the best tattoo workstations, the following ones might interest you.

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Best Tattoo Workstations

1. Monster Steel Portable Tattoo Workstation – Convention Ready

A tattoo workstation needs to be clean and simple in terms of design. This is a way to maintain cleanliness in the room. This one has that, which is perfect if you want invest in a workstation instead of using an ordinary table.

There are a few things you should know about this product. Firstly, it comes with an adjustable height stand. You can change the height to your heart’s content. There is also a back tray specially designed to organize inks.

By the way, this part is removable. You can also find other components although they’re basically attached to the main structure, such as a glove box holder, a paper holder, and a cup holder made of high quality steel.

Take a look at the slightly hidden part under the tray. It’s a container for your power supply. This product’s overall quality is good and it makes a perfect addition to any tattoo shop.

In terms of design, it has an industrial look, which is simple yet elegant. It’s also highly functional as it can accommodate common tattoo supplies. And then, the size is perfect. It won’t feel too big in your tattoo room.

2. Portable Tattoo Workstation, Adjustable Height stand Salon Instrument Tattoo Table

This looks just as practical as the previous product. The first you should think of before purchasing a workstation is the placement.

Since this station is very light, placement shouldn’t be an issue. Whether the room is narrow or spacious, you can position it anywhere. In the meantime, the tripod base provides good support to the tray.

It’s imperative for a workstation to have a strong base because it will affect the amount of supplies you can arrange on its top. This one is robust because it’s composed of iron. The top also looks so simple.

Apart from the two areas for placing a water cup and a wash bottle, it looks pretty uncluttered. The back tray can be removed, too. Speaking of functionality, this is where you display all the pigments you use for tattooing.

Can the whole thing be dismantled?

Yes, and it makes storage easier as you can easily take the components apart.

3. Tattoo Workstation, Large Tattoo Mobile Work Station Stand Adjustable Pro Tattoo Desk Table for Tattoo Beauty Massage Pedicure Manicure Salon Instrument

The most prominent feature of this workstation is the double-countertop design. When you open it up, it will transform into a large piece where you can organize many of your essentials, probably more than the average workstation can support.

Unlike other products, this has two legs to hold both sides of the top. The height is also adjustable from 65 to 97 cm. Don’t worry about portability because the station has wheels that allow it to move around effortlessly.

There is also a small pen holder that you can use to keep other supplies. This is easily one of the best products you can find in this niche because it provides a high level of flexibility. The biggest appeal is undoubtedly the sleek and spacious top which can rotate up to 360 degrees.

Judging by the appearance, this is designed to be a multipurpose item. If you no longer need it to help with your tattoo job, you can turn it into a regular workbench.

4. Premium Aluminum Instrument Salon Tray W/Accessory Caddy Tattoo Rolling Tray Station

The strong leg of this workstation is distracting, but in a good way. That sort of sturdy base isn’t necessary because the tray looks pretty light, but the company decided to make it that way, anyway.

What’s special about this product?

The adjustable height isn’t one, but it’s good to see this feature on this item. You can adjust the height from 30” to 42”. The heat resistant mat is what we consider special. It has the ability to handle extreme temperatures of up to 572°f. The thick leg is quite telling of its sturdiness.

Well, you’re not wrong if you assumed that it’s a tough metal because it is. It is not only resistant to oxidative stress, but also doesn’t break easily.

Furthermore, the 5-star base configuration gives the workstation stability and balance. You can move it around without fear that it may tip over.

5. Saloniture Premium Aluminum Instrument Tray with Accessory Caddy – Black

It’s important to choose an adjustable workstation, so that you can set the height to your liking. Apart from adjustable height, this product also has 5-star wheel base for easy mobility. Durability isn’t a concern because the tray is made of aluminum.

A workstation is an integral part of a tattoo parlor. But looking at the versatile design, this product also works for other commercial establishments. Heck, you can even use it in your office room because it looks professional.

Regarding the specs, the workstation has a maximum height of 44 inches. You can lower it through the tension knob. Another prominent part of this station is the thick base. It’s thicker than many products in its price range.

As for the tray, it has a pretty broad surface. And the best part is you can remove it for cleaning purposes.

6. TAT TECH Portable Colapsable Tray Work Station Table Desk

Aluminum and steel are combined to create this tough and durable workstation. Design-wise, it looks solid and well-crafted.

It may not have the thick base of the previous product, but it’s not necessary as long as the material is sturdy, which is the case with this product.

There is an ink pen holder, which can be detached from the main structure. The top is also pretty spacious, allowing you to display ink bottles as well as other supplies.

As with other workstations, the height is adjustable from 24 to 42 inches. Just fold it down if you want to transport it to another place. This mechanism is also made for easy storage.

How to choose the best tattoo workstations

1. Height adjustment

Adjustable height has become the norm for tattoo workstations. However, it’s still possible to find products with fixed height.

Why does it matter?

Well, you may have to change position numerous times during a tattoo session. Like when you have been sitting for long, you may need to stand up and stretch out a little bit.

If the workstation is adjustable in height, you can change it to your comfort level.

2. Sturdy construction

Opt for a workstation that has a steel frame. Steel is not the only metal commonly used to create tools.

Any metal should be good as long as it has strength and resistance to corrosion. Metal is absolutely a fascinating material, no wonder it’s widely used in medical applications. It is durable and able to withstand high temperatures.

3. Design

Tattoo workstations are available in various designs. Some don’t look like the typical tray over a metal base. Some are more sophisticated than that.

Instead of looking like simple workbenches, they look more like drawers complete with shelves for storing all kinds of supplies. It’s all up to you to decide which one works best for your shop.


That’s a review of some of the best tattoo workstations. Hygiene is a must for any setting where cross contamination is likely to occur and it’s not up for debate.

If you’re concerned about your clients’ safety, then you must set up the workstation in the correct manner. Know what you should and should not do around the area.

Everything that doesn’t have to do with the tattoo process needs to be done outside the area, like creating designs, talking to clients, etc.

The workstation should strictly be a place for you to do tattoos. This is to reduce the risk of contamination and other potential health issues.

The area should also be free of clutter. Only keep the most important essentials close by. Things you rarely use need to be kept somewhere else. Besides, the workstation should also be made of nonporous materials.

Fortunately, many products intended for this purpose are made of metal because it’s known to be non-porous. And then, don’t forget to clean the area before starting on a new tattoo because this practice can maintain hygiene.

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