How Much Does a Thigh Tattoo Cost?

How Much Does a Thigh Tattoo Cost

Getting a tattoo is quite a big commitment because the skin art lasts for years.

And it’s even a bigger decision when you place it on a visible location.

The thigh can provide a broad surface for a tattoo, but it can be exposed or hidden depending on what you wear.

How much does a thigh tattoo cost?

We’ll have it covered, but first, let’s have a look at things you should consider prior to getting a tattoo.

First, think of longevity. Tattoos are supposed to be long-lasting because the pigments are injected deeper into the skin.

Yes, there are treatments to make them go, but they’re just as expensive getting one.

The worst part is the results vary among people. Another thing that may concern you is the pain.

Needles are poking in and out of the skin as you’re getting a tattoo.

To say it uncomfortable is an understatement.

Some people experience excruciating pain throughout the process.

We don’t mean to chicken you out, but it is what it is.

The level of pain is affected by the location. Skin in some parts of the body is naturally thinner, and this triggers more pain.

Fat deposits underneath also play a part. The more fat tissue there is, the less likely you suffer from serious pain.

On the brighter side, tattoo shops are now equipped with advanced equipment to help clients bear pain better.

For example, there are many tattoo numbing creams formulated to lessen pain during tattoo application.

The effect usually wears off in 2 to 5 hours.

thigh tattoo process

Average price for thigh tattoos

The cost of a thigh tattoo can range from $500 to more than $1,000.

It depends on the complexity of the design, size, and pigment.

If it’s a small one, it may drop below $500.

Yes, the thigh can provide a broad area for a tattoo, but it doesn’t mean you should get a large one.

A tiny tattoo is still cheap because it doesn’t require much ink.

Quite the contrary, if you want a tattoo that covers a big portion of the thigh, then it’s reasonable that the shop charges several hundred bucks.

The price can go up to $2,000 for a full color one.

How do you know much a tattoo would cost?

Just ask the artist straight away. He’d love to disclose the information to you.

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For the record, tattoo shops often start at a minimum cost.

They do that to ensure that their artists are well paid for the effort put into the work.

If you’re wondering about the bottom threshold, a small thigh tattoo can cost around $50.

It could be slightly higher if the artist already has a good reputation.

These people have been doing the job for so long, so their salaries will increase naturally.

Another thing you should know is that artists charge differently.

Some offer a flat rate, while others charge an hourly rate.

Ask this question during consultation, so you know what to expect in the end.

Things to know before getting a thigh tattoo

There’s some preparation to do before getting a tattoo. The first one is deciding upon the location.

The thigh is very broad.

Therefore, you can go for a small or a medium tattoo, or even one that covers the whole area.

The next step is to find a qualified tattoo artist to work with.

Another thing to note is avoid alcohol before the session starts.

And in case you’re worried about the pain, some numbing cream will do the trick.

A. Are thigh tattoos attractive?

Are thigh tattoos attractive

What determines the beauty of a tattoo isn’t just the placement, but also the design.

A thigh tattoo can look classy when done right.

But it you pick a wrong design, it can look odd.

By the way, the thighs have their own appeal.

A tattoo inked on a toned thigh will look dreamy and cool.

Some people have a thing for good-looking thighs.

Hence, if you want it to look great, you can work your legs because any type of workout will have an impact on its shape.

Back to attractiveness, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Tattoos are highly subjective.

If you’re confident with the tattoo, the positive energy will radiate from you and people will feel that.

B. How long does a thigh tattoo take?

A Video about Getting a Thigh Tattoo at Tattoo Parlor

There’s no set time limit on this as it depends on the size and design.

The bigger the tattoo, the more labor-intensive it would be.

A large one can take months to finish.

You can’t expect the artist to do it like a walk-in tattoo because they’re totally different cases.

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Unless you want a simple tattoo, you may need several visits to the shop until the tattoo is fully done.

It typically starts with creating an outline, and then followed by shading and coloring in the following sessions.

Here are some fun facts you should know.

First, thicker lines are easier to do than finer lines.

Second, adding texture and detail takes extra time.

And third, coloring is another time-consuming part of doing a tattoo.

For this reason, if you decide to liven it up with pigments, then give the artist some time to complete it.

C. How do you sleep with a thigh tattoo?

How do you sleep with a thigh tattoo

Let it heal first before you sleep on it.

Please ask your tattoo artist for some guidance.

By way of information, you’re not supposed to lie on it for at least 3 days.

That would be better if you can wait for a whole week.

Not every tattoo heals at a fast rate and you know your condition better than others.

Examine it on a daily basis to see how quick it heals.

If it shows signs of recovery like scab and peel, then you can put some pressure on it in a matter of days.

Coming home from the tattoo shop, you would have the wrap on.

Get information from your artist about what to do with the protective wrap.

He could ask you to wait till the next before removing it.

Some artists may suggest their clients to peel it off in a few hours and then cleaning it afterwards.

D. Will my thigh tattoo change if I lose weight?

Will my thigh tattoo change if I lose weight

Slight weight loss is not likely cause a significant change to your tattoo because the skin is known for its great ability to stretch from weight fluctuations.

If you shed off many pounds to the point where it causes loose skin, then it will definitely change the appearance of the tattoo as well.

So, how to keep it intact while losing some weight at the same time?

The key is to not lose weight too much over a short period of time.

Doing so will make the skin fail to adapt, which leads to saggy skin.

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And then, it’s important to involve exercise in the diet program.

With proper training, you can build muscle to fill the empty space left by burned fat deposits in the body.

E. What does getting a tattoo feel like?

What does getting a tattoo feel like

Perhaps, the mildest reaction is you’ll have some discomfort as the needles are poking in and out of the skin.

But it also depends on the location.

For a part of the skin where there’s a lot of fat, it will hurt less.

If it’s close to the bone or in an area where the skin is naturally more sensitive, it may cause severe pain.

Some people also said they had a burning sensation throughout the process.

Another possible way to explain the pain is it feels like a pinch, but deeper and more intense.

F. How bad is a thigh tattoo?

How bad is a thigh tattoo

It varies depending on the part of the thigh you get a tattoo on.

Due to the higher amount of fat tissue in the area, the upper outer thigh turns out to be the least painful areas for a tattoo.

Besides, the nerve endings aren’t as concentrated as in other areas, which clearly affect the pain it triggers.

To put it into perspective, an elbow tattoo is considered very painful because it gets close to the bone.

This, on the other hand, is pretty moderate in comparison.

The inner thigh is another different because it has many nerve endings, so the pain will also feel stronger.

Final Thoughts

How much does a thigh tattoo cost?

We’ve mentioned it before, please scroll back up for more information.

A thigh tattoo isn’t more or less demanding than any other tattoo.

It all comes down to the complexity, size, and color.

All these always play a role in determining how much money and time you’re going to spend on a tattoo regardless of the location.

The thigh has considerably more skin than some parts of the body, which means you can create a big piece of art if you want.

The thing is the sensitivity across the surface varies due to the difference concentrations of nerve endings.

You can talk about this with your artist prior to the main tattooing session.

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