Tattoo Machines

Electromagnetic coils are used in modern tattoo machines to drive an armature bar up and down. A barred needle cluster connected to the armature bar forces ink into the skin.

Coil machines are classified into three types: liners, shaders, and color packers. The names of these three types of coil tattoo machines are quite self-explanatory.

The liner is more quicker and does not go as deep as a shader or color packer. The major function of this equipment is to produce delicate and accurate line work, including the overall shape of the tattoo.

Shaders are used to fill in color and, more importantly, to shade various gradients. These machines are designed with a longer armature bar that hits much harder and deeper than liner machines.

Finally, because it is employed to fill in color and blacks, the color packer tattoo machine is built up similarly to a shader. This machine strikes harder and deeper than a shader and is unsuitable for greyscale and shading gradients.

Please refer to our most current tattoo machine types publication for more information if you’re interested in learning more.

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